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Please contact Florida Speech if you would like further information about emergent literacy treatement, or to schedule a screening and/or evaluation.

Emergent Literacy:

  • Emergent literacy is a child's collection of knowledge about sounds, letters, words, and books during the preschool years. Parents can help to increase their child's emergent literacy knowledge by exposing them to literary artifacts and literary events. A child who has been exposed to literacy artifacts and has experienced literary events is better prepared to learn how to read.
    • Literary artifacts: possessions that contain reading materials such as characters from nursery rhymes, pictures of writing, alphabet blocks, books, magazines, etc.
    • Literary events: occurrences when the child participates and observes literature.

  • Joint book reading is a great way to increase your child's emergent literacy! Joint book reading is when a parent reads to their child, and both are focusing on the pictures and words. Parents should make joint book reading a fun and enjoyable time with their child! Some strategies to use during joint book reading include:
    • Labeling pictures, actions, and events
    • Using a rhythmic, singsong cadence to get and maintain their attention
    • Relating the information to your child's life
    • Asking simple questions about the book or story
    • Encouraging the child to ask questions about the book or story

  • During the period of emergent literacy it is important to develop a child's ability to better understand letters and print. Parents can use some of the following strategies:
    • Exposing your child to written materials
    • Pointing to each word as you read to your child (this will develop your child's ability to recognize and associate the 'squiggle lines' -letters- on the page with meaning)
    • Pointing to each letter as you make the corresponding sound to develop your child's knowledge that each letter represents a sound, or multiple sounds
    • Playing rhyming games

  • Emergent literacy is a foundation skill, or a skill that must be well developed in order to provide success in academics later in the child's life. Children that do not develop their emergent literacy skills during this time prior to entering kindergarten will have difficulties with letter and sound recognition, reading comprehension, and the ability to accurately discuss books and stories.
  • Remember! Until the third grade children are learning to read. From third grade through the rest of their academic lives, children read to learn. This is why emergent literacy is extremely important to children's overall academic success! Reading is used in every academic area (math problems, explaining science project directions, book reports, editorials, etc.)
  • Speech-language pathologists can help lay a solid emergent literacy foundation for preschoolers by reading, working with letters, sounds, sound productions, and receptive and expressive language activities. They can also help re-build, or re-solidify school-age children's reading skills by focusing on the same emergent literacy skills, but incorporating academics into the therapy. If you are concerned about your child's emergent literacy skills, please contact Florida Speech-Language Pathology, Inc. to set up an evaluation.

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