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Please contact Florida Speech if you would like to have the speech and language skills of an individual with autism evaluated and/or treated. We would be happy to set up an appointment.

Speech and Language Treatment for individuals with Autism:

  • Autism is an abnormality in interpersonal relationships which is exhibited in early childhood, and characterized by onset prior to 30 months of age, lack of responsiveness to others, deficits in language and speech development, stereotypic body movements (i.e.: endless rocking, finger waving) and insistence on routines.
  • While sources vary on the exact prevalence of autism, it is estimated to occur in one of every 150 births and is approximately four times more prevalent in boys than in girls.
  • Autism does not discriminate, and affects individuals of all races, ethnic backgrounds, and socioeconomic classes.
  • Autism is considered a "spectrum" disorder. This means that there are no two cases alike. Every individual with autism is unique to him or herself, and needs to be treated accordingly.
  • Many individuals with autism exhibit heightened sensitivity to noisy and/or busy environments. This should be kept in mind when working with individuals with autism.
  • It has been found that combining objects, photos, picture communication symbols, gestures, and aided AAC systems to traditional speech and language treatment approaches helps an individual with autism communicate.
  • The therapists at Florida Speech are highly trained in treating communicative disorders of clients with autism. We use various behavioral and sensory integration techniques in order to allow the clients to be able to learn most effectively. We employ a variety of Alternative and/or Augmentative Communication (AAC) strategies to allow clients with aurism to adequately and appropriately interact with communicative partners, and express their needs, wants, and thoughts with greater ease.

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