The following is a list of Florida Speech's favorite online resources for information regarding communication disorders. Florida Speech Language Pathology, Inc. homepage (you are here!) National association for speech language pathologists and audiologists State of Florida association for speech language pathologists and audiologists A site dedicated to the Hanen early intervention program for children with communication disorders National Down Syndrome Society homepage Cure Autism Now Foundation homepage An online store that sells assisted technology products for patients with ALS, stroke, MS, head injury, Aphasia, CP, autism, etc... Stuttering Foundation of America homepage National Stroke Association homepage Brain Injury Association of America homepage National Center for Voice and Speech homepage An online store that offers several office products that are great for sensory integration uses. An online sensory integration store An online speech and language material store
Website for Integrations Catalog, visitors are able to order their catalog from the website
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Achieve Pediatric
Highly Recommended Occupational Therapy Practice

Additional resources are available at and are chronicled in this list.

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